Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a self help method which creates freedom and poise in your life and relief from pain

Have you ever caught sight of yourself in a mirror or shop window and thought, “Oh no, I’m slumping again”, and forced yourself back to what you think is an upright posture?

Improving your posture is not a matter of forcing yourself to stand or sit up straight. It is all about changing how you use your muscles so that you use the right muscles for the right job, no more no less, resulting in ease of movement and natural poise.Erica Donnison of The Posture Clinic working with an Alexander Technique client

Many of us find ourselves sitting for long periods at work or at home, and then notice pain or discomfort in our back, shoulders or neck, or that headaches set in. Learning how to be aware of how you are sitting, standing or moving enables you to prevent these pains from happening. You learn to be in control of how you do things rather than being unaware and a slave to habit.

The resulting better posture is an added bonus!

Alexander Technique lifting method during group workshop by the Posture Clinic

Demonstrating how to apply your Alexander Technique learning to lifting

Learning the Alexander Technique helps you feel better and more at ease in your mind and body.

Alexander Technique group session with The Posture Clinic

Lying in semi-supine as part of a group Alexander Technique workshop with The Posture Clinic

I work with individuals and groups to help you find ease and poise in all you do





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One-to-one lesson at the Kendal Physiotherapy Centre in Kendal – £35

One-to-one lesson at your home (South Cumbria) or at Jigsaw, Mawdesley, Lancs – £40   (I am also happy to teach at your home within 15 miles of Mawdesley, Lancs)

Workshops – full day between £60 – £75 per person depending on the location

One-to-one lessons last an hour, day workshops generally run from 10am to 4pm