Pose Running

Applying the Alexander Technique to make the Pose Running Method even better!

Does stiffness or pain in your back, hip joints or knees, or persistent repeat injuries limit your running or overall ease of movement? 

Alexander Technique with Pose Running group work

Teaching a group of runners to change to ball of the foot running style

Individual or group sessions to help you find ease and poise in your running

A series of sessions, tailor-made for your needs, to help you bring poise and ease into your running and in your everyday life using a unique combination of Pose Running and the Alexander Technique. The Posture Clinic can help you to:

  • Turn postural problems into poise
  • Turn persistent muscular stiffness and restricted movement into balance and ease
  • Rediscover your natural running ability
  • Improve your speed and stamina
  • Learn the Pose Running Method® of forefoot running
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Running with ease and poise!

Book a lesson on 07771 602665 or email goodposture@me.com

… I am really pleased with my progress and your sessions and teaching have made a huge difference.  KC

…I just want to say a big Thank you to you for helping me to improve my running! Yesterday I finished the Liverpool Half Marathon in 1 hour 57 minutes!  This is 24 minutes faster than I did my last half marathon in September 2011 before I had any training from you!   LW