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Erica Donnison of The Posture Clinic in Cumbria


In these strange days of Covid-19 lockdown it is even more important that we take time out to look after ourselves. There are many Alexander Technique procedures that you can work with to help ease chronic back pain and other tension patterns. I will post these on my blog from time to time for you to play and experiment with… Blog

The Posture Clinic is underpinned by the Alexander Technique to help you learn how to look after yourself and find ease and poise with more awareness of how you move and think.

Many of us find ourselves sitting for long periods at work or at home and then notice we have back pain or

discomfort in our shoulders or neck. Learning how to be aware of how you are sitting, standing or moving enables you to prevent these pains from happening.

Increased freedom of movement and balance happen without you trying, and the resulting good posture is an added bonus!

Tellington TTouch Training for Horses

The Posture Clinic combines the Alexander Technique with Tellington TTouch Training for Horses

Horses often suffer from similar problems to us; poor posture and tension in the back and neck, resulting in stiffness in movement and behavioural issues.  I can help you help your horse to be happier, calmer and more flexible and coordinated, and help you create the best relationship possible.

The Posture Clinic combines the Alexander Technique with the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) which is a non-judgmental personality type questionnaire. 

Have you ever noticed that when people are not feeling confident or are having a bad day, their posture displays this to the outside world? The link between posture and emotion or psychological state is often clear to see. Understanding how you function in the world and interact with others helps you get control over your habitual behaviour and clarity about who you really are.

The Posture Clinic combines the Alexander Technique with Pose Running to help runners run more efficiently, with greater ease and less pain.


Kendal, Cumbria (Kendal Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Centre, Stricklandgate, Kendal)

Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria (new location required)

Mawdesley, Lancashire  (Jigsaw, Mawdesley Equine and People’s Trust, Off Hall Lane, Mawdesley, Lancashire)

Benderloch near Oban, Argyll (Kintaline Farm)Erica Donnison of The Posture Clinic in Cumbria

Other locations and home visits on request

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