Tellington TTouch

New venture with Jo Churlish just outside Durham

Having spent yesterday with my TTouch friend and colleague Jo Churlish planning TTouch Training for Horses workshops in the Durham area, I am very happy to announce 2 dates at the Finchale View Riding School – Monday 20th August and Sunday 16th September 2018.


General musings! Tellington TTouch

That went well!

My Comfortable Rider, Comfortable Horse workshop on Friday went really well. The team at Jigsaw in Mawdesley worked really hard to get the place and the horses clean and tidy for the start of the day and helped the day run smoothly. What a brilliant team they are!


Alexander Technique for people with Parkinson’s

I spent yesterday learning more about Parkinson’s and how I might be able to help people with the condition to manage their symptoms better. We have a pretty good randomised controlled trial demonstrating that Alexander Technique lessons from STAT registered teachers such as myself can help people cope better, so I am looking forward to getting involved with the local groups in my area and making a difference.