A lovely day? Maybe not for everyone

What a beautiful day! Or at least it is where I am in South Cumbria in the UK. The strange thing is that it seems to be very easy to assume that everyone is enjoying a lovely sunny day if we are ourselves. This is clearly not the case. This applies to how we perceive other people as well; I am feeling bright and sunny so everyone must be… aren’t they? What’s wrong with them? Well, there could be many things. I passed a line of funeral cars this morning, and I’m guessing the people in those cars may not have been looking bright and cheerful to match the day. We all are where we are, and cope the best we can. Applying the Alexander Technique in your life doesn’t remove the bad stuff, but it does help us cope with life so that we don’t have to collapse under the weight of it all. Being in the moment can help us notice the good things rather than dwelling only on the bad. The bad doesn’t go away but we can change perspective to look at it differently, and choose how we respond.

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